Barrier Packaging Solutions

FDA Applications

Snacks and Chips

Chips, wafers, crackers, popcorn, extruded snacks, nuts…


Cookies, Chocolate bars, Candy, Biscuits

Dried Goods

Spices, Salt, Rice, Flowers, Ready Mixes


Cooking Oils, Pickles, lubricants

  • DuraClear-B Bopp/Bopp
  • DuraClear-CPP
  • SilverDollar
  • TrueFoil
  • DuraClear-P, Pet/LDPE
  • DuraClear-B, Bopp/Bopp
  • SilverDollar, VMPET/PE
  • DuraClear-P, PET/PE
  • SiverDollar, VMET/PE
  • NaturalKraft Kraft/AL/PE
  • NaturalKraft-RP PET/Kraft/AL/PE
  • DuraClear, Ny/PET/PE
  • DuraClear-PaPE
  • SuperBlack
  • DuraWhite

Cereal & Pasta

Frozen Foods

Powdered Products

Milk Products

Tea & Coffee

Retort Foods

Hot Fill Packaging

Vacuum Packing

General Industry & Pharmaceuticals

General industry and pharmaceuticals  uses are many, here are some of the most common barrier packaging applications for general industry

Agricultural Products

Personal Care


Supplements & Pharma