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Candy Packaging


At Pouchworth we work to take our customer’s candy packaging to the next level with economical yet great looking candy packaging. worry to help elevate our customer’s packaging, we provide flexible candy packaging in a variety of different formats and textures. The first thing you should do when determining your candy packaging budget is to understand your market position:

  • What Location: Gas Station vs. Whole Foods?
  • What Lifestyle: Organic v. Mass appeal?
  • What Longevity: Shelf Life or Grab and go?

If you are trying to hit very tight margins, we would recommend CBOPP, thin films, and plate printed no feature bags. If you are aiming for something higher end. Alternatively, if you have a higher end product, that needs to stay on the shelf for a longer period we would move into more substantive barriers like our Truefoil or Silverdollar material, full color printing and add features to the pouch.

Printed Candy Packaging

Custom printed candy packaging gets an instant boost of customer interest by attracting the eyes of many customers. Great packaging accentuates how nice your delicious treat is. Pouchworth makes the process of buying custom candy packaging fast and easy so you can present candy in the most creative way possible. Custom printed candy packaging, including our digital option allows even small producers to custom print all their various flavors.

  • Low minimums — just 5,000 units to start.
  • Digital and Plate Printing Options
  • Lead times generally 4-10 weeks.
  • You bring your design, we perform technical art layout.

Custom Sized Candy Packaging

Here are some of the configurations for candy packaging we recommend


Rollstock is the least costly, but requires both loading machinery and expertise for work with. Rollstock is advisable for high volume, low margin candy.


The design and shape of three-seal bags allow for a stylish take on stand up packaging, with the strength and durability needed for bulk-sized candy quantities. It is a intermediate cost point and allows for peg board display.


These are indispensable for any candy. Candy packaging that can be easily sealed again by customers helps their products be fresh. Adding a reclosable zipper gives your customers the ability to practice portion control or enjoy their snack on-the-go. This is designed for higher margin candies.

The Importance of Great Candy Packaging

In a crowded market where candy packaging is very popular, brand owners are constantly searching for new methods to make their products stand out on store shelves. At Pouchworth, we provide our customers with the very best candy packaging to meet all of their marketing and package processing needs.

We have a theory that this is the most important final phase of the candy manufacturing process. The Customer eats with their eyes, and the better looking your product is on the shelf the more they are enticed to purchase, in essence Candy packaging is what makes the treats jump off the shelf into the customers’ basket. This is why the consumers’ first impression with the product is crucially important. Also, let’s not forget how proper packaging is essential for protecting and preserving the finished product, while also helping to build brand awareness.

Our customers usually get that candy packaging essentially functions as a billboard for their brands. With this in mind, we combine high quality materials and specialized custom services to help you and your company create a shelf impact that helps you lead your company to more sales.

Help your brand to be noticed today by ordering custom candy packaging with Pouchworth.

Another important reason to be careful with the candy packaging you chose is that storing away sweets is a great way to encourage moderation and ensure that candy lasts beyond a few weeks. But, there’s something many customers wonder about. How long does candy last? And, how can you make sure it stays fresh? These are some great tips for customers for them to store their candy so it still tastes as fresh as the day they bought it.

Candy Packaging Storage

Confections have many things in common when it comes to storage, such as being kept in a airtight storage container, that will prevent desiccation. Also many candies can be frozen, and maintain their freshness, but we all know that consumers generally store candy in the pantry on the shelf. Candies generally require less barrier than some other products because of their sugar content.

Taffies, caramels, and nougats

These candies should be individually wrapped to review clumping, and allow your customer to pick them out individually to eat. Clear cellophane or printed roll stock is a great choice for the candy packaging for these treats.

Moist Candies

Do not mix candies that absorb moisture such as caramels, mints and hard candies with candies that lose moisture such as fudge and creamy candies. While the barrier of your outer candy packaging will prevent the moisture from getting out of the bag, the moisture will migrate between the candies.  Storing these sweets in the same container will cause the harder candies to become sticky. To make sure that hard candies stay hard, sprinkle with finely ground sugar and store in an air-tight jar.

Custom Candy Packaging – The Best Solutions for Your Treats

Candy producers and confectioners depend on the quality of their product, impulse buys, advertising, memories of childhood, and so much more to sell their product. Great candy packaging, helps move more candy as a backdrop to your branding and marketing strategy.

Attractive and functional are the catch phrase of the day when it comes to candy packaging, and of course comfort of access on the consumer end is principal as well. As we have mentioned before the perfect candy packaging should be eye catching, easy for retail to stock and above all it must be consumer friendly. Candy manufacturers have a long tradition of being creative and aggressive marketers, you need to match your candy packaging to your marketing model.

Please reach out to us so that we can help you get started with your candy packaging project!