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Pet/PA/PE/PVDC Barrier Material

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Clear barrier films formulated with PET, PE, CPP, and BOPP are a stalwart of barrier packaging. Clear base barriers allow for a good economic trade-off between Moisture and Oxygen barrier to price point. The addition of barrier coatings like EVOH, PVDC, and ALOX can enhance the barrier of the base material.

Common applications include: Chips, snacks, nuts, baking mixes, Powders yogurt, cheese, agricultural chemicals detergents, tea, juice, candy and more. Clarity, build thickness, strength and conformity can be adjusted while customizing the barrier material for your application.

DuraClear Polyester Base PET/PEs Material Series

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FDA Approved

BPA & Phthalate Free

Outstanding Dimensional Stability

High Clarity

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Insects, fungi, mold, and mildew resistant

High Barrier Options Available


Great for bags with view windows

Good flatness and coefficient of friction for machine loading

Heat Sealable + Tear Resistant

An economic and quality film for transparent and print film application for food, machine parts, and other flexible packaging applications. FDA approved with high contact clarity. Has good MVTR and OTR rates. Our DuraClear PET/PE and KPET/PE line also has good strength to weight ratios, ideal for reducing transportation costs.

Common DuraClear Polyester Laminations

DuraClear can be laminated different ways depending on the requirements of what is being packaging. We can help you navigate the decision regarding which lamination is best from a basic PET/PE, or KPET/PE lamination, to enhanced laminations with EVOH, or PVDC coatings. With so many options we have a lamination for most demanding applicationsfrom retort pouches, to a wide array of shelf stable application from FDA food, to industrial packaging. Printed or un-printed the DuraClear material family of PET/PE base films is a great solution. Our base DuraClear-P PET/PE materials are also an amazingly economical choice.

NameAvailable ThicknessDescription
DuraClear-P1.5 mil - 6.0 milEconomic & Versatile clear barrier
DuraClear-X2.5mil - 6milPVDC coating provides enhanced barrier
DuraClear-UltraClear2.5 mil - 4.0 milHigher heat resistance, extra clear
DuraClear-PXAO3.0 mil - 6.0 milAluminum Oxide Barrier
DuraClear-E3.0 mil - 6.0 milEVOH Coated
DuraClear-PVOH3.0 mil - 6.0 milPVOH Coating
DuraClear-N3.0 mil - 6.0 milEnhanced tear resistance and strength
DuraClear-PNC3.0 mil - 6.0 milHigh Heat
Duraclear-PNHBC3.0 mil - 6.0 milHigh heat, higher barrier
DuraClear-PNX3.0 mil - 6.0 milEnhanced Strength and Barrier
DuraClear-Easy3.0 mil - 6.0 milEasyPeal
DuraClear-PHBC3.0 mil - 6.0 milSterilization up to 135 degrees
DuraClear-HB3.0 mil - 6.0 milIncreased Shelf-life
DuraClear-PMc3.0 mil - 6.0 milMetalized CPP

DuraClear-B Biaxially oriented polypropylene Material Series

DuraClear-B is a economical and Biax Poly based thermoplastic polymer lamination. The process of biaxially laminating the base film creates a near crystal clear base. DuraClear-B based barrier materials are a very economical packaging solution, still providing good conformity and resistance to flex fatigue.

High speed loading, and flow packing

Low to medium barrier

Fin-seal, 3-seal, Flow-wrapping configurations are common

DuraClear-B is a good choice were moisture resistance, and optical clarity are desired

Common DuraClear-B Polyester Laminations

NameAvailable ThicknessDescription
DuraClear-B1.0 mil to 5.0 milLow cost (snack packaging)
DuraClear-BC1.0 mil to 5.0 milEnhanced barrier, and and heat resistance
DuraClear-BX1.0 mil to 5.0 milBarrier coated BOPP
DuraClear-BExV1.0 mil to 5.0 milExtruded PE with Metalized barrier from 2 mil
DuraClear-BV1.0 mil to 5.0 milMetalized thin films

Quality Barrier Film


For most of our DuraClear formulas the top layer is a BoPET film (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate), commonly known as Mylar, or for some formulations Nylon film is substituted for durability. The minimum second layer is a LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) film that provides added durability and enhanced barrier protection properties.


Having a polyethylene or BOPA film laminated with an LLDPE film, DuraClear exhibits an extensive plastic zone. The extensive plastic zone is produced as a result of the single layer polyethylene film. This special yield zone does not appear when polyethylene is laminated with LLDPE or any other polymer films.

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Due to the ability of this bag to be completely heat sealed, moisture control is reinforced, providing excellent insect, mold, fungi and mildew resistance. DuraClear films have an average 0.4 gms/100sq. in./24hrs moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), or water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), as measured using Mocon benchmark equipment. This value indicates the measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance.

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Our DuraClear film is clear Mylar style barrier at its best (read more). It is a clear film yet provides an excellent barrier with a classic feel. Due to its complete sealability, DuraClear has good odor containment. OTR (Oxygen transmission rate) amounted to 7.8 cc/100 sq. in/24 hrs., thus exhibiting a high resistance for oxidation and extremely slow aroma seepage from the micro-perforation. The OTR of DuraClear is quantified through this film using the method described in ASTM-1434-66.

  • FDA 21 CFR 73
  • CFR Condition B
  • RoHS
  • SR 817-023-021
  • EU 10/2011
  • CA Toxins in Packaging / Prop 65 BPA/TSE/BSE
  • Consortia SLT
  • Kosher

Our DuraClear formulas are made from an amazing clear barrier film formulas which have great weight and cost to barrier ratios. DuraClear-P for example, is made from a lamination of BoPet and LLDPE to exhibit technical characteristics essential to an excellent food-grade packaging. This clear poly-laminated barrier film has a 3mil thickness with an exterior film of 48ga PET (Nylon – Mylar) and an interior film of LLDPE. Other thicknesses up to 7mil are available.

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DuraClear’s use of BoPET, with a high nylon content makes it a flexible, strong and durable barrier film, and provides a potent barrier in comparison to its weight and price, making it suitable for many applications. Characteristics of Mylar retained in the laminated film includes.

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Despite having two layers of different polymers, DuraClear exhibit crystal clear façade, with high clarity and gloss due to polymeric properties of both Mylar and LLDPE, to quickly discern the contents without having to expose the package up while exuding a presentable and aesthetic packaging

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Due to a laminated LLDPE interior, besides demonstrating a high tensile and impact strength, DuraClear also exhibits outstanding heat sealability. Also, the BoPET exterior allows an excellent UV resistance and decent retention of the packaging’s physical properties over a
wide temperature range

Many Compatible Configurations + Great Barriers

2-Seal Pouch

3-Seal Pouch

Tamper Evident Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Fin-Seal Pouch

Non-Printed Custom

Square Bottom Pouch

 Quad Seal Pouch


Roll Stock

 Printed RollStocks

 FFS Spout Pouches

Common Packaging Applications

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