Custom Printed Barrier Bags

Our plate printing offers the lowest per-bag price points, and rotogravure printing offers the highest quality and most versatile printing method for custom printed barrier bags. Digital printing has many advantages for short runs, or where you have many designs and high color counts, but it can never compete with the per-unit cost of plate printed barrier bags.

Plate Printing

Choosing plate printing for your custom printed barrier bag project is often the right choice. Not only is it a economical choice, it also offers the full range of print effects. Simply put, if you have see a printed bag in a big-box store, it has likely been plate printed.

Plate Printing Advantages

  • Lowest per-unit cost.
  • Spot Gloss & Spot Matte available.
  • Works with any material.
  • Metalized colors available.
  • PMS ink colors can be used.

Plate Printing Limitations

  • MOQs 5,000 – 25,000.
  • One-Time plate costs.

Plate v. Digital Pricing Comparison

10,000 Plate Printed4x6x2.5 Stand Up Pouch$1,650

  • One-time plate fees $150
  • Spot Gloss / Spot Matte
  • 16.5 cents Per Bag!

10,000 Digital Printed10,000 Bags$4,500

  • No Plate Fees
  • No Spot Gloss
  • Split between designs

Plate Printing Capabilities

Spot UV allows certain elements of the bag to be gloss while other areas are matte.

Edge-to-Edge Printing means no plate gaps. Allowing you to cover the entire barrier bag with custom printing or color.

Making your custom printed barrier bag project a reality, while sticking within your budget has never been easier than it is with PouchWorth. With our 5% price match guarantee, and super low plate fees, you can make your dream packaging come true today.

With our digital printed bags there are no plate fees. For Plate printed bags plate fees are super low $150 per plate.

Low plate fees of $150 per color

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With Digital printing everything is accomplished with 4 color process CMYK. But with true plate printing you can use PMS Pantone colors for your project.

With our plate printing the minimum order quantity for custom printed barrier bags is typically 5,000 bags. If you need less than 5,000 custom printed barrier bags, you should check out our Digital printing, we offer digital printing on order as low as 1,000 bags, as digital is designed for very short runs, and micro-orders.

Pricing Examples - Save Money!

PouchWorth offers incredible pricing on customer printed barrier bags. Our plate printed will be strong and economical. Here are some examples of prices actual customers have paid. Please note depending on your choice of material, configuration, quantity, and other factors your price may be more or less. Contact our office to get a quote for your project today!

3.5x4.510,000 Bags.15

  • $1,500 + Plate Fees
  • Lay Flat Pouch
  • Material: SilverDollar-R
  • Width: 3.5″
  • Length: 4.5″
  • Gusset: 0″
  • 5 Spot Colors

4x6x2.510,000 Bags0.16

  • $1,600 + Plate Fees
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Material: SilverDollar-R
  • Width: 4″
  • Length: 6″
  • Gusset: 2.5″
  • 5 Spot Colors

5x8.5x310,000 Bags.197

  • $1,975 + Plate Fees
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Material: SilverDollar-R
  • Width: 5″
  • Length: 8.5″
  • Gusset: 3″
  • 5 Spot Colors

6x9.5x3.510,000 Bags0.24

  • $2,400 + Plate Fees
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Material: SilverDollar-R
  • Width: 6″
  • Length: 9.5″
  • Gusset: 3.5″
  • 5 Spot Colors
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