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Custom printed pouches with your own logo or design? You name it, we make it! High resolution quality guaranteed.

Great Prices – To Meet your Budget

Over 40 Quality Barrier Materials

Digital, Plate, and Cylinder Printing Options

FDA & EU Food Approved

Customized Sizing & Configurations

Lamination, Varnishes, Foils, and Die-Cuts

Custom Printed Pouches and Barrier Packaging

We’ll be with you every step of the way, to help you through the hurdles of developing your custom printed pouch project come to life.


Step 1: Material Selection

We have over 40 stock barrier materials to choose between, each material has unique technical characteristics to meet the needs of your project. We’ll help you select the best material for your custom printed pouches. And with custom laminations, there are literally hundreds of barrier materials out there we can source (its not all plastic) with different performance characteristics, barrier levels, price points, and appropriate applications. We’ll help you pick a good material for your application.

We offer FDA approved, BPA and phthalate free barrier materials. No mystery plastics that might contain toxic chemicals. We also offer fully custom printed pouches that are EU food grade and compostable options too.


Step 2: Sizing and Configuration

Pick the exact right size custom printed pouches for your product. All custom printed pouches that we sell can be custom sized, with custom die-cut windows, or other unique configurations. Generally if it is possible with a flexible material then we can supply your custom printed pouches, not a problem.

Because printing occurs before the bag or pouch is made, (we print the roll stock), sizing and configuration is totally customizable to your specifications. You can customize the size of your package to exactly what you need.


Step 3: Master Art Proofs

You don’t have to bring press ready art. There are many technical considerations when printing barrier films, and we do all that work for you. We’ll take your original art files and set them up for printing to ensure you get the best quality printing, and develop digital art proofs that you can revise. We focus on providing custom printed pouches and barrier packaging that meets your budget.


Step 4: Material is Printed

We offer Digital, Plate, and cylinder printing options for making your custom printed pouches. So once the material rolls are cut, treated, they are then printed, and finally any lamination is applied (matte, gloss etc).


Step 5: The bags are made!

The printed material is then made into your bag.We offer a selection of finishing laminations, and varnishes for your custom printed pouches.

Custom Printed Pouch Pricing

We have very competitive pricing, because we control all aspects of printing and manufacturing.

The first element of pricing is quantity ordered. We have extremely competitive pricing at all purchase quantities, but the more you buy the more you save. Minimum orders are usually 5,000 bags (with some exceptions). Since we have so much control over the material used in your project we can meet budgets by selecting a appropriate material for your project. Many materials sound very similar but are actually different in both performance and price. So selecting the right material is key. Next the configuration and complexity of the bag is our next element of price. Maybe you don’t need all the bells an whistles on your pouch? By focusing on your specific needs we can get your pricing as tight as possible.

Another key element is proper art setup. If someone is quoting you pricing without looking at your art they are just spit balling. Also, with the proper technical art setup, meaning taking your art and making technical adjustments we can get superior quality results and the best pricing. Finally, we don’t limit you to one printing press, we offer three options that have unique capabilities. Have a high color count low volume project, digital might be the right choice, have a low color count lay flat project, Flexographic is a superior choice.

Types of Printing
we offer:

  • Digital: Zero Setup costs but higher per unit costs and less reduction with higher quantities.
  • Plate Printed: $175 per color setup, lower per unit costs, great for most projects.
  • Cylinder printing: $295 per color setup, longer lead times, lowest per unit costs, 25,000 MOQ


Top Customer Questions

  • 1. How many do I have to buy? We accept printed orders as low as 5,000 pouches on most projects, sometimes we can do even fewer.
  • 2. How long will it take? Lead times vary, we can do many projects in as low as 4 weeks. Compared to most of industry (8 – 12 weeks is common compliant), 4 weeks is super fast.
  • 3. Can I print “_______________”? The answer is usually yes. If you can design, we can print it.
  • 4. What are the compliance benefits of PouchWorth?
    • Peace of mind — do you really want a regulatory inquiry? FDA event? No, we didn’t think so. By working with a knowledgable, focused flexible barrier packaging provider, you can rest assured that the technical side of things are taken care of, and when your bags arrive you won’t open up your order, and find a botched job, or toxin filled plastics. We work with materials that are are kosher, FDA-approved and meet other regulatory requirements  These certification is very important to many of our customers, especially those making food and beauty products.
    • Shorter lead times – we can get bags printed in as little as four weeks, depending on the type of printing chosen and the quantity ordered.
    • Color matching – we use the Pantone Matching System so you get the color you want.
    • Quality – So give us a ring 949-336-1541

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