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Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Packaging Made Easy

Custom Tea Packaging

Just as in the world of coffee, custom tea packaging is essential for your success because it differentiates you from the competition. For most people that drink it on a regular basis, tea is more than a beverage…it’s an experience. The ritual surrounding tea goes back centuries. To some, it’s a calming tincture that eases anxiety. To others, its medicinal properties are paramount. Some just enjoy the flavor.

Custom Tea Packaging

The custom tea market has followed a trend similar to the coffee market and has exploded over the last 10 years. Now you find that many small businesses are finding success by creating their own custom tea blends. With so many brands on shelves and available online, it’s imperative that your custom tea packaging stands out amongst your competition. You don’t want to get lost in the sea of tea!

Custom Tea Packaging

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself is with our custom printed tea packaging. From custom flexible packaging to custom compostable stand up pouches we have it covered. It can be hard to find the perfect custom packaging for your tea products. But no need to steep on it – we’re here to help! Just like coffee packaging, design your brand with a blow and make it to life with custom tea bag packaging.

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  • Pouchworth specializes in working with small-to-medium size businesses looking to order custom tea packaging. Expert in customizing tea bag packaging.
  • We know there are three things that can ruin your custom tea blends faster than you can heat water – light, moisture, and odors from surrounding sources (such as food or spices).

  • Our custom flexible barrier or compostable stand up packaging keeps your product free from all of these potential pitfalls, extending shelf-life and ensuring peak freshness for your customers that will surely make your products stand out.

  • Our custom pouches are made up of multi-layer barrier films – and we have over 40 different barrier materials to work with. That means we can design mix and match different barrier films and laminate them together to create the perfect custom package combination for your individual product.

  • You can choose from one of our stock sizes or we can create a custom package sized exactly to your specifications. We even offer eco-friendly material options for our stand up pouches so your custom packaging can be recycled or composted.

  • Whatever you need, our custom packaging experts are there for you every step of the way. We will ensure you get a well-rounded, custom package that gives your tea the maximum protection it deserves.

  • Custom stand up pouches have many advantages over glass jars or paper boxes. For one thing, it’s not easy (and often impossible) to keep glass and cardboard airtight. With our custom flexible barrier or compostable stand up pouches, you create a sealed environment inside your custom package, ensuring your tea maintains its freshness.

  • Custom pouches can be made exactly to your design artwork specifications, giving you the opportunity to create a completely unique size package. You can even take your custom package one step further by adding a zipper top. Zipper tops allow your customers to portion out the tea they need and store the rest for another day. Our zipper tops seal in freshness, so your custom tea blends stay perfectly preserved. You’ve worked hard to create your niche in the tea market – it only makes sense to give it the custom packaging it deserves!


Tea Packaging

Keep It Fresh With Tea Packaging | Custom Tea Pouch

Of course, you need more than custom bag high-quality packaging to stand out from your competition. Small coffee roasters have known of the advantages of custom printed packaging for ages. So, if there is one thing you never want to do, it’s underestimate the value of custom printing your tea packaging.

It’s more than promoting your brand, your products, or your marketing message. You are solidifying your image. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? This is especially true in the tea market. Serious tea drinkers are all about ritual and meaning. They like how drinking tea makes them feel, in addition to how it tastes. Your custom tea packaging should reflect that. It doesn’t matter whether you sell primarily in a brick-and-mortar store or online. As customers shop, they make instant judgments on what they see. You want to catch their eye and entice them to try your custom tea products over your competition.

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Custom Tea Bags

High-quality tea packaging product is critical for storing delicate ingredients. Just like coffee, tea needs to be protected from light and moisture. Our tea packaging pouches are perfect to keep your tea at its best, whether you are using as tea bag packaging or loose leaf tea packaging. With no minimum order quantity and fast turnaround, it’s easy to get your product to market with PouchWorth. To get started, simply upload a PDF of our design using our simple online process.

Custom Tea Packaging
Custom Tea Packaging

Custom Tea Pouches Made Simple Like Coffee Product Packaging

Just like coffee bags your tea product deserves a high-quality stand up bag for organic tea that properly markets its signature characteristics and flavor notes. We understand that producing organic tea requires more work since synthetic pesticides and unnatural composts aren’t utilized to develop the item. Along these lines, the expense of delivering such a tea is higher. You spend enough all things considered on work for developing such an item, so for what reason would it be a good idea for you to need to spend more on natural tea packaging? The answer is that you shouldn’t, plain and simple. You need a stand up pouch for organic tea, and we can provide just that, with a quality matching that of your product in a low cost.

With organic tea, it’s significant that its freshness is kept up. To keep clients returning, they have to see that your tea is consistently good. At the point when you purchase a standup pouch bags for organic tea through us, you’re ensured that each bag will keep in that freshness. Thanks to multiple design film layers being laminated together, our organic tea packaging has no problem doing exactly that. Along these lines, you won’t need to stress over a client purchasing your tea one day just to find that it tastes totally extraordinary in light of the fact that its packaging has not stood up well to sitting in a store. At the point when you go with Stand Up Pouches, you go with natural tea discount packaging where each individual pocket is equivalent to the following. We believe in quality through and through, which means that every bag we send you will do its job and keep your brand looking good.

PouchWorth offers many styles of flexible tea packaging for producers and suppliers in the US. We offer lot of range of bags and pouches can fit perfectly for your tea bag packaging and loose tea packaging. Browse options with zip locks, side gussets and box bottom designs to ensure your tea stays as fresh as possible.


We here at Pouchworth know that you have many options when it comes to your flexible packaging order options. Every member of our team makes it their mission to give you the highest level of customer service possible. In fact, our business is built on four basic beliefs



Pouchworth offers both custom plate printing and digital printing options based on your individual needs. Digital printing is ideal for short runs, split runs or trial offers and is an excellent option for when you have different types of tea that require smaller quantities. The minimum order quantity for digital printing is 1000 pieces or less. Contact us for more details on design help.


Plate printing is our most economical option, good for larger print runs (5,000 or more). It offers you our lowest per-unit printing cost and works with any material. Plate printing also gives you the full range of printing effects such as Spot Gloss, Spot Matte, Compostable stand up pouch and more. Aside from printing, Pouchworth can also help you with art services if you need it. Contact us for more details on design help.


Stand Up Tea Pouches and Bags

One of our customer’s most popular custom bag configurations is the stand up pouch. The name says it all, as these bags are outfitted with a bottom gusset, that when deployed, allows the custom pouch to “stand up” on a shelf in a store. These Stand Up pouches have been used with great success in the coffee industry and work perfectly for tea as well. Stand Up tea packaging can also be fully customized in terms of shape and artwork design giving your product an extra edge on the shelves!

Eco Friendly Compostable Stand Up Tea Pouches and Bags

Eco-friendly and compostable packaging is popular in the coffee market, and tea makers are starting to sit up and take notice. Our custom eco-friendly packaging options include a selection of materials to build your bag out of that are industrially and/or ambient (home) compostable. Many of our 5000 series of materials are compostable yet also provide the barrier you need to protect your product and provide shelf stability. We have FCN approved custom compostable packaging solutions that will compost under ambient conditions, and are made of renewable resources. These materials truly are the future of barrier technology. We are always partnering with film makers to offer our customers the newest innovations in compostable stand up barriers, made of bio-plastics such as Sugarcane, corn, and casava.

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