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Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches

Digital printing is great for short runs, or high color count projects. Digital printing avoids the costs of plates or cylinders. Digital printed stand up pouches look just like plate printed pouches. Digital printed lay flat pouches are also available. In the picture is the state of the art HP indigo digital press that your material will be printed on.

Also, digitally printed stand up pouches are a good choice if you are considering a high color count, short run project such as trial runs. Or where you face a changing regulatory environment. Digital printing is also advisable if you have many SKUs, as we can split a short run across several designs or flavors (i.e. chocolate, vanilla, strawberry).

Take a look at these side by side pictures. These pictures are of the same project both Digitally and plate printed. There is little to no difference.

Digital Printing Advantages

  • Short runs: as low as 1,000 bags.
  • Split runs: 250 chocolate, 250 Vanilla, 250 Strawberry…
  • Physical Proof available for $150.
  • Quick turn-around: About 4 weeks.
  • No Plate Fees.
  • Any base barrier material can be digitally custom printed.
Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches HP Indigo digital printing press for flexible plastic printing

Things to Consider

As with all things, there are some limitations to consider when digitally printing stand up pouches or other flexible barrier packaging. Most of the considerations are very specific, and will be covered in the table below. It is worth noting that the key limitation of digital printing is that on a basic level it is a more expensive method of printing, as such, digital printing is not advisable for long runs. Color matching PMS colors is another key limitation. Digitally printed plastics are printed CMYK, digital printing machines DO NOT use Pantone ink.  Below is a table laying out the various considerations. Please contact our sales department to discuss work around or whether digital is right for your project. 1-949-336-1541.

ConsiderationDigitally PrintedPlate Printed
Spot Gloss / Spott MatteNoYes
Gloss LaminationYesYes
Matte LaminationYesYes
Color OptionsCMYKCMYK, Spot, Pantone
Spot VarnishNoAvailable
Reverse TrapYesYes
Good for Short RunsYesNo
Per Unit costsHigherLowest
Durability of inkModerateHigh
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