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Pouch Zippers

Flanged Zipper - Reclosable

Flanged zippers are the most common barrier zipper used in flexible barrier packaging. The press-to-close zipper provides residual barrier after the heat sealed pouch as been opened, but unlike string zippers, the flange zipper locks shut, retaining barrier and keeping the contents of the pouch fresh longer.

Heavy Duty Flanged zipper - Dual Track

The heavy duty version of the flange zipper is used for applications where the customer is expected to be using the contents of the package over a greater time and for higher number of open close cycles. The dual track also increase barrier retention and ensures the package is as tightly closed as possible.

Powder Zipper

Powder zippers are uniquely designed for flexible barrier packaging applications that involve fine powders, such as flour, industrial chemicals, and more. The power zipper forces powder back into the pouch during the process of pressing the zipper closed, reducing the effect of powder getting caught in the flange.

Wide Flange Zipper

Wide Flange zipper has a higher side wall which extends beyond the normal zipper area. It can be used to create a neater appearance of the tear line and gives the customer indication of where to place their thumb when tearing open the pouch.

Child Resistant Zippers

Child Resistance has come to prominence with the increased legalization of cannabis. These enclosures are also of use in pharmaceuticals and for applications requiring poison control packaging.

Protecting children from appealing but dangerous products, while allowing the consumer to use product as then need is the goal of these enclosure types.

  • ASTM D3475-15
  • Federal CFR 16:1700 (15) and (20)
Child Resistant and Tamper Evident
  • Tamper Evident
  • Increased Barrier
  • Retains freshness
  • Child Resistant
Exterior Child Resistent Zipper
  • Easy Open
  • Exterior zipper and Latch
Pinch To Open
  • Top of pouch configuration
  • Less Barrier