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Pouch Tear Notch

Pouch Tear Notches allow your customer to easily open the pouch when they are ready to consume your product. The tear notch sits directly below your heat seal area (or on a tamper evident pouch, directly blow the area that was pre-sealed at the factory). It also sits directly above the zipper (if applicable)

Pouch tear notches are a optional feature and can be omitted if required. Tear notches can be placed at almost any distance below the top of the pouch, but below are some best places to place the tear notch.

  • Pouch Tear Notches allow for the end user to open the bag after you have sealed it.
  • Tear Notches ensure that customers know the bag was professionally sealed.

When helping our customers develop a custom sized pouch, the location of where to place features like tear notches is often a concern. A big mistake that customers often make is trying to make the top of the pouch too crowded. You need space at the top of the pouch to adequately seal the pouch either by-hand, or with a auto-sealer. In either case, leaving too little room means you will have to take your time to be very exact with your seals, run machinery at lower speed, and generally have a higher rate of bad seals.

Tear Notch Placement with Zippers : Optimally tear notches should be placed .25″ from the zipper. and .5″ inches from the hang hole giving you a nice .5″ inch seal zone.

Tear Notch Placement without Zippers: .375″ inch from top if no hang hole.

Best Place for putting a tear notch on a pouch

Zipper LocationHang HoleTear Notch Location
1.5" down from topYes, Center Punch1" down from top
1.25" down from topYes, Center Pouch.75" down from top
1" down from topYes, Center PouchNot advised
1.5" down from topYes, OSHA or Delta1" down from top
1.25" down from topYes, OSHA or DeltaNot advised
No ZipperNo Hang hole.5" minimum
1" from topNo Hang hole.5" down from top