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Clear Sliver Pouches

Now You See Me

Clear Front / Silver Back Barrier Pouches

Our Now You See Me pouches feature a Clear front for viewing the pouch's content and a opaque Silver back panel (Also available with Black, Gold, or Kraft Back panels). They make great display packaging and are constructed of the highest quality.

  • Clear Front, Silver Back
  • Show Off your product
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Fully Certified FDA, Kosher, RoSH, BPA Free and much more.

NYSM provides great barrier

Our NYSM clear / color barrier pouches combine two of our popular materials to make a bag that almost anything and everything looks good in! The Clear front allows your customer to see what's in the bag, which is showcased by the Metalized back of the pouch. It's a win-win combination.

Here is a typical user example: A customer sells a cosmetics product that they pack in a pouch and fill the pouch with glitter. When they saw our Now You See Me solution they knew they had a winner. The silver back makes the glitter really show off, and the customer can play with the glitter as it moves in the pouch. By picking a barrier packaging solution they also extended the shelf life of their product making it more attractive to retailers.

Display your product and Extend Shelf Life

Shelf life is critical for many products. Self stable goods are more appealing to retailers the longer their shelf life. Our NYSM clear and silver pouches are great display and protect packaging. They feature the same industry leading Moisture Control Technology as our other products. Each of our bags are constructed with a specific combination of FDA approved food grade materials that are engineered to control both oxygen and moisture within the bag. This bag will keep your edible product fresh and tasty longer. Feel free to contact us for precise data on the oxygen and moisture transmission features of our products including OTR and MVTR data.

  • Show off your product with a Clear Front
  • Lock in flavor and potency
  • Products maintain freshness with zipper.
  • High OTR and MVTR ratings.

Showing all 9 results