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Liquid Pour Spout for Pouches

Spouted pouches are gaining popularity very quickly for a variety of applications. spouted pouches make a economical and efficient way to store and transport liquids, pastes, and gels. With the shelf life of a can, and the convenience of an easy open pouch, both co-packers and customers are loving this design.

Common spout applications

  • Baby food
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Institutional food packaging
  • alcoholic beverage add-ins
  • Single serve fitness drinks
  • Milk, and yogurt

Spout pouches can be made compatible with retort applications and most FDA applications. Industrial uses abound with savings in both transportation costs and pre-fill storage.

Common Spout Pouch types

Spouts can be placed on most areas of the pouch, but the most common locations are:

  • Top of pouch spout: Often used for smaller pouches or die-cut pouches for single serve applications.
  • Top side of pouch spout: for the 8oz – 16 oz size of pouches, this is a great location because it takes advantage of the upright orientation of the pouch (stand up pouches), and allows the user to have better control when using the contents.
  • Other spout locations on pouches: front lower area of the pouch. This is used in box wine configurations, requiring square bottom and box supported bags.