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5000 Series Compostable Bags & Pouches

Our 5000 series of materials are compostable and recyclable barrier materials for making compostable bags and pouches. FCN approved, compostable under ambient conditions and made of renewable resources, these materials truly are the future of barrier technology. Bio-cehmical products are made of Sugarcane, corn, and casava, and can be made into shelf stable compostable pouches.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Green products
  • Both Recycable and ambient compostable are both available.

Compostable Bags and Pouches and Recycable Pouches

Material CodeNameDescription
5001Compostable KraftCellulose / Metalized Cellulose / BioPBS
5002Recycle Ready Clearsaran/PBS
5003Clear BiodegrableNatureFlex NKR

Film data and compliance information was obtained from the film suppliers and given without any obligation on our part.

NatureFlex NKR (innovia films)

NatureFlex is a amazing compostabled, heat sealable and transparent material. Made from renewable resources, with excellent transparency and high gloss levels. This compostable pouch complies with CFR73 food contact regulations, and meets both US and EU standards for food contact. This compostable pouch film meets EN13432 and ASTMD6400 compostability standards.

  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Heat Sealable
  • Transparent
  • anaerobic diestable
  • Resistant to oil and grease

BioPBS (PTT / Mitsubishi Chemicals)

A very unique and ground breaking material. BioPBS is made from Sugarcane, Cassava, and corn, and readily decomposes and biodegrades into biomass, water and co2 at ambient temperature conditions in open air landfills and requires no specialized compositing facilities.

  • Food Contact Approved
  • Approved for high temperature applications up to 100C
  • BioPBS is often used as a sealant layer and combined with a cellulose or Saran.

Available Compliance and Certifications

  • FDA 21 CFR 73
  • EN1342
  • ASTM D6400
  • 7H0037
  • U.S.FCN No 1574
  • EU10/2011
  • CA Toxins in Packaging / Prop 65
  • Consortia SLT
  • Kosher

Compatible Configuration

  • 2-Seal Pouch
  • 3 Side Seal Pouch
  • Tamper Evident Pouch
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Non-Printed Custom
  • Square Bottom Pouch
  • Tubing

Common Packaging Applications

  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Extruded Snacks
  • Spices Salt, Sugar
  • Dried Goods
  • Flour
  • Pet Food
  • Bird Seed
  • Cannabis
  • Supplements
  • Milk Powder
  • Protein Powder
  • Tea & Coffee
  • And More…

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