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Kraft pouches with zippers

Natural Kraft - Barrier Pouches

This is a quality barrier packaging product great for that natural kraft paper look, available in either lay-flat or stand-up pouch configurations (or any size or shape in a custom configuration).

  • Outer layer of Kraft Paper, Inner Brown Foil and Brown FDA layers
  • Great Moisture and Oxygen Barrier, keeps the contents fresh
  • Easy to open!
  • Fast loading and heat sealable.

If you want the look of paper, but the barrier of a plastic, this is the pouch for you, also available in custom order Sizes!

Fully Certified FDA, Kosher, RoSH, BPA Free and much more.

Select your Size and Configuration

Sizing Table

3.5″x4.5″1 oz1/8 oz | 3.5g
4″x6″x2.5″5 oz1/4 oz | 7g
5″x8.5″x3″16 oz1/2 oz | 14g
6″x9.5″x3.5″32 oz1.0 oz | 28g
7.5″x11.5″x3.5″64 ozVaries
Kraft bags and pouches are used for packaging solid foods such as coffee, tea, snacks, powders, cannabis, and many more.

There are several major advantages of choosing our Natural kraft pouches as highlighted below:

Laminated Interior: The interior of natural kraft is well laminated with quality barrier protection against smell and moisture content. The laminated interior allows the packaging to retain its original conditions and have a natural feel. However, it can adequately retain liquid substances without any leakage.

Great “Natural” Look: Perhaps the key benefit of Natural kraft pouches are that they have the natural and attractive look of rough kraft paper, but the barrier advantages you need to you’re your product fresh longer! These bags have a seam strength of 5.5lb/in in accordance to ASTM F88 testing method. The tear easily in all directions and are not a good choice for heavy loads or where you might need extra tensile strength.

Resistant to insect and micro-organism attack: This product does not give rooms for micro-organisms like mildew, fungi, bacteria, and mold to enter once properly heat sealed. But like all papers, this product must be left away from water, as it will destroy the outer layer of kraft paper.


  • Outstanding dimensional stability, good surface and barrier properties.
  • Heat Sealable + Tear Resistant
  • Moisture Proof + Smell Proof
  • High Clarity
  • Insects, fungi, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • Good flatness and coefficient of friction for machine loading

Toxin Free

  • BPA Free
  • TSE and Sulfer Free
  • Pthalates free
  • California Toxins in Packaging Compliant
  • Prop 65 Compliant


  • FDA Food Grade
  • CA Toxins in Packaging Compliant
  • R.E.A.C.H and RoHS Compliant
  • Kosher

Available Configurations

Three Seal Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Tamper Evident – Custom

Stock Sizing and Features Table

WxLxG (O.D.)ConfigurationZipperHang-HoleTear NotchHeat Sealable
4″x6″x2.5″Stand Up PouchYesYesYesYes
5″x8.5″x3″Stand Up PouchYesYesYesYes
6″x9.5″x3.5″Stand Up PouchYesYesYesYes
7.5″x11.5″x3.5″Stand Up PouchYesYesYesYes

How to choose the right size SUP for your product

Volume of a stand up pouch

Natural Kraft provides great barrier.

"Natural" and environmentally friendly packaging is in. But barrier to oxygen and mositure is still critical for shelf stable products. Our Natural Kraft is one of our most popular materials. great look and feel that stands out from the competition, and the barrier of foil to help protect your product from drying out.

Highly functional Ziplock: The stock versions of this product have a re-closable flange zipper that keeps the flavor and original properties of the packaging in shape. It also has a tear notch which allows for easy opening. Also available without these features if needed.

Heat sealable: Natural kraft pouches are heat sealable due to their use of a FDA approved interior heat sealing layer, (no foil ever touches the product inside!)

Whole Foods: A customer let us know how well their products were selling at whole foods once they switched to the Natural Kraft "I was really shocked at how well the customers received the packaging, I was able to increase volumes at the stores I am in by 25%, thanks so much!"

Natural Kraft Lamination Structure

They are made by combining classic composite material in which the interior is a laminate of foil and polyethylene (PE) food contact safe. The kraft paper used in the outer layer has a weight of 30lb and the interior is a brown heat sealable FDA approved layer.


Natural Kraft #3001 Technical Specifications

WeightLbs / Ream73
Moisture Transmission rate (MVTR)gms/100 sq. in./24h.0006
Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)cc/100 sq. in./24h.0006
Seam Strengthlb/in5.5

Moisture & Oxygen Control Technology

Natural kraft stand-up pouches provides barrier protection against oxygen and water. The moisture and oxygen control technology present in this product is second to none. Embedded in this well-designed product is a Moisture Transmission Rate (MVTR) of 0.0006gms/100 sq. in. /24 hrs and excellent Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) of 0.0006 cc/100 sq. in. /24 hrs in accordance with ASTM- F1249 and ASTM D3985 testing method respectively. Therefore, it is fit for packaging baked goods, snacks, confections and much more.

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